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    Google Solutions
    Google Apps for Business $10/user
    Empower your employees worldwide to securely collaborate and deliver amazing products that win in the marketplace.
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    Enterprise Resource Planning
    Accounting, Inventory and Beyond $350+
    Covering all the features you need to run a small or medium business.
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    INR 500
    Get your task done from the top sellers in market.
    Freelancing services offered by students and professional.
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    Automation System
    Connect Your Apps and Automate Workflows like IFTTT
    Easy automation for busy people. Moves info between your web apps automatically, so you can focus on your most important work.
  • Web & App Development
    We focus on user experience, responsive web development & mobile app development.
  • Cloud & Saas
    Enterprise are now moving to Cloud services to deliver efficient, reliable and high quality data. Are you ?
  • Collaboration
    Enterprise expansion leads to increased need for collaboration across geographies, leading to increased cost of travel and other complexities.
  • Connectivity
    Our connectivity solutions help enterprises meet this need with state-of-the-art technology and carrier-grade quality.
  • IoT Solutions
    Our Internet of Things (IoT ) solutions for enterprises offer real-time tracking to facilitate informed decision making.
  • Marketing Solutions
    Marketing Solutions in India by Tata Tele Business Services help enterprises to grow business with Toll Free Services, Call Register Services & SMS solutions.
  • Security Solutions
    We help enterprises to secure their critical data.
  • SMS marketing
    Get at a cost of 12p per SMS for promotional or transactional.